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Who are we?

The perfect storm...

As a contractor or freelancer, you often engage with recruitment agencies to match you with specific companies or clients. While these agencies manage your contract, they may lack the expertise, experience, or infrastructure to handle direct payments.

This is where Blizzard Pay enters the picture.

Efficient & Straightforward

Trust the experts

Our payroll service acts as the bridge, ensuring that contractors and freelancers receive their payments efficiently. When you partner with us, you become an official employee of Blizzard Pay. We provide your services to your agency or end customer and bill them based on an overarching employment contract. We handle your tax and National Insurance deductions on your behalf and issue you a PAYE salary, net of all deductions/contributions,

once payment is received.

Our umbrella service offers streamlined administration, compliant PAYE services, comprehensive employment insurances, inclusive holiday and SSP benefits, tax and NI deductions management, personal account managers, exceptional customer service, swift same-day payments,

a hassle-free setup process, and zero exit fees.

The bridge to success

Showered with support

Our commitment extends to ensuring the satisfaction of contractors and supporting agencies in every possible way.


Our team is well-versed in addressing contractor inquiries and values the importance of ongoing assistance. We provide comprehensive protection to all our employees through our insurance coverage and process numerous payroll runs daily to ensure prompt payments for all contractors.

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