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Making Payroll a 


Blizzard Pay LTD stands as a prominent provider of payroll services catering to contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees.

Our commitment to professionalism sets us apart and ensures seamless administration for our clients.

Our Story

Get to Know Us

Our team comprises seasoned payroll professionals and account managers, enabling us to deliver top-tier services. We've cultivated strong relationships with employment agencies and businesses across various industries.

At the Office

Why use a Payroll Service?

There are multiple reasons to use a payroll service and multiple reasons

to choose BlizzardPay. 

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Time is priceless and here at BlizzardPay we understand Payroll can be time consuming and stressful. Leave it to the experts and free yourself from the boring stuff. 



No need to leave everything til the last minute or get things muddled up. We orchestrate the whole process from setup to payout and are on hand every step of the way. 

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We'll ensure Payroll is delivered correctly on time, every time. Everybody's happy.

But wait, there's more...

UK Based

Our UK based team of professionals are just a call or email away.


We are fully compliant with GDPR, giving you total peace of mind. 


Our fully qualified staff live and breathe Payroll. Leave it to them!

'ice to meet you.

ready to get the snow ball rolling?


Get in touch today to discuss your Payroll needs with experts ready to help.

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